Anything that is not managed will deteriorate

Better makes it easy to manage your team through focused 1-on-1s with goal tracking and an easy notes workflow.

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How do we make you a   better leader?



Add your team to make building together easier than ever.



Build shared agendas with all invited memeber having the ability to add or update items.



Track the goals of each connection to keep an eye on where you are going.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast...

Build a results oriented culture by having a strong focus through the use of shared agendas and clear goal tracking.

Connect, Plan, & Track

Drive better outcomes for your self and your team by activly managing your time with your team.


Meant for individual contributors or leaders of small organizations.

Features included:

  • 3 Connections

  • 100 Meetings / Connections

  • 3 Goals / Connection

Starting from $0/mo


Great for leaders of large teams and complex organiztions.

Features included:

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Unlimited Meetings

  • Unlimited Goals

Starting from $10/yr